Mantle of the Expert so far.

The above diagram which can be seen in a better version on my twitter page represents the learning I feel I have begun in relation to Mantle of the Expert. I have felt in recent weeks, as we have done quite a lot of Mantle of the Expert sessions recently, that there was too much in my head that I hadn’t processed. So I wrote it down on a bit of paper. There are a few diagrams – the Venn Diagram that forms that basis of what Mantle of the Expert is, the voices triangle that shows the voices that a teacher can use while engaging in Mantle of the Expert or dramatic inquiry sessions and the teacher compass which shows the progression from play without penalty to guided and concentrated work and into reflection and improving work.

There are other lists (continuum of engagement, 3 forms of representation, dramatic conventions and the list of role conventions), the adult roles within the fiction and the Mantle of the Expert team/client/commission frame. In gold pen are other thoughts, reflections, words and things to remember that I don’t want to forget.

It’s definitely not everything but it’s a start.


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